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I'll see about having a write up of tonight's stuff up tomorrow or potentially tonight?
The dice giveth, the dice taketh. The encounters are (mostly) tuned to be successful.
All in favor of tweaking the difficulty away from XCOM hard?
7/7 Heroic Nightmare! Go enjoy turkey day weekend, you crazy fools.
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Been a while since I took a peek. Miss you all, but my epic mount is tugging all my WoW funds away. No the bodywork still isn't done. Maybe after my bonus I'll be able to hop in again!
Really close calls on Ursoc! We're so close!

A little recap.

Rhedin posted Jan 23, 17

A few changes around the village!

Late last year, Jackie Bluepaw retired as the leader of his namesake Mercantile aiming to settle down with his daughter in the village, using his connections and his remaining assets to afford himself, his child and his friends a comfortable life. With his retirement, he kept a small group of his staff and his family name and merged them with the Thundermoon Tribe. While they are not as ingrained as to be a new sect, they are here and firmly rooted within the village, able to help with import, export and of course, move thundermoon goods to wherever they are needed with their beautiful coaches.

This spawned a few other changes, notably the members of her former namesake mercantile who weren't ready to settle down to village life just yet, branching off to form their own trade group now known as the Gilded Lotus Trading co. While they are in good standing with the tribe, it remains to be seen exactly how this allyship will grow. In the meantime, let's do what we can to help them get established!

A recap of the Desolace caravan!

It's been a while now since our people were returned from their offshore capture, or for Dawnsky, onshore capture. With wounds treated and minds starting to come right, here are a few quick details of what's happened so far in this web of deceit and piracy!

The group that had been taken to the boat managed to escape one night, from their reports, they met surprisingly little resistance with the whole crew being in some kind of stupor, their will for independence, their will to act on their own volition completely drained.

One even swore that they saw the captain of the ship watching them row away after their daring jailbreak.


Speaking of the captain, we now know who was behind this abduction, the loss of the caravan and a few mishaps and goings on around the village and the bluffs prior to this encounter. The couple had no hesitations about introducing themselves by name to their captors and sharing with them an alternate view of the world that seems surprisingly well founded.


The two are known as

Jessica Marie Thompson and Adoc Thompson, a married pair of Gilnean Worgen who now live and operate at sea, as far as we know.

( Artwork by DemonXiao )

They have a very long history with the Bluepaw and some of our own Tribe members as well. The hostages that escaped the boat, Ashawak Rainchaser, Neruma, Xiu Lightningsky and Mo'chee Kire (An Arakkoa of unknown affiliation) describe different conditions aboard that boat, from Xiu's comfortable albeit lonesome time in a luxury cabin to Neruma's less than ideal time being snarled at by Jessica in the brig but none of them returned injured, save for Ashawak who seems to have lost all self worth and motivation.

The tides have turned.

Rhedin posted Dec 21, 16

Just as the village had started to expand on its comforts and amenities, we find the Bluepaw, one of our primary sources of winter food and trade, had lost a caravan, as far as we know, to pirates.

After Both the Bluepaw and Thundermoon launched a cooperative investigation into the fate of the trade caravan, a few discoveries were brought to light. The first being that this caravan had been ambushed with both explosives and tools commonly used by pirates, such as gaffs and sudden, overwhelming brute force.

Aside from the affects it has on the village to lose a caravan loaded with our trade goods, destined to return with much needed food from the fishing villages, we also suffered a personal blow in the form of dear friends, Ashawak Rainchaser, Neruma and Xiu Lightningsky, Matron Dawnsky, falling in battle with their fates currently uncertain.

What we now know, thanks to the safe return of Pawaseh, is that this assailants are based on the ocean, operating from what looks to be a defected alliance ship flying no colors, representing no groups, trade or otherwise. This information came at a dire price with our friends potentially in the hands of merciless pirates, or worse.

Many of our tribesfolk are eager to mount a rescue, but we must be organized and resolute as to suffer no more losses. The first step is to discover what is waiting for our rescue party on that beach, find out any more information we can about our friends whereabouts and wellbeing.

(Bulky Grimtotem borrowed from Scootley on Furaffinity Drawn by xxlarkxx )

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