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Philosophy & Goals
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Philosophy of the Thundermoon

The protection of the Horde is but a shadow of the promise it once was. Tauren villages have been ransacked, burnt and looted without a shred of respect for the dead.  What little land there is left after the Shattering is stained with the blood of our fallen allies and tribesmen.

Taurajo is lost. Freewind Post burns. Mojache is overrun with refuges. Desolace has been “adapted” by the Cenarion Circle, taken by the arrogant elves and reshaped with unnatural energies from their Moonwells. The agonized cries of the decimated tribes of Stonetalon echo through the mountain ranges.

The cries of the Shu’halo shall not go unanswered any longer.

The Thundermoon Tribe shall protect the entirety of Kalimdor, drawing upon the anguish and despair forced upon the Shu’halo to forge a new path for our people. Our enemies are without number, but we will shoulder the burden of protecting that which truly belongs to the Tauren.

We will fight with honor.
We will guide with patience.
We will endure.
We are Shu’halo.
We follow the Thundermoon.
Our fury knows no equal.

Goals of the Thundermoon

The Thundermoon seek to protect not only Desolace, but the entirety of Kalimdor. Primarily, the goal of the Thundermoon is to establish their tribe and village. The location of their village, though most of the high mountain plateaus had been rendered uninhabitable with the Shattering, would be located in the high mountain ranges that separate Mulgore, Stonetalon and Desolace.

The ultimate goal of the Thundermoon is to restore and preserve the lands known as Desolace. This would entail, however, the removal of the Moonwell that the Cenarion Circle had built in the very heart of the land, savagely upsetting the natural balance of regrowth and restoration. As if their folley from the Wailing Caverns had not been enough, the Kal’dorei-overrun bureaucracy of the Cenarion druids has led to yet another short-sighted and dangerous intrusion into matters where they do not belong.

The overarching goal of the Thundermoon is to secure all of Kalimdor, restoring it to the rightful watch of the Tauren people. This will involve the removal of all presence of the Alliance, possibly including the eviction of the Kal’dorei and Draenei – they will be free to remain well off of the shores, provided they prove capable of honoring what tenuous peace there might be had amongst the Tauren. Those who ally with Vol'jin's Horde are free to negotiate settlements as they wish, as lasting peace among strong and honorable allies are to be seen as a boon to the Tauren people.

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