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Guild Ranks
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Lost Wanderer Found Envoy Tribesfolk
Initial rank.

Reserved for trial members and alts. There are no guild privledges, but provides you with the general bonuses of being in the guild.
Secondary rank.

Everyone begins here; whether you have found the Thundermoon through chance or intent, those who come to the tribe will be deemed as the curious spirit they are. Allows moderate guild bank usage, but no access to In Character guild chat.
Tertiary rank.

Requires completion of a Feather Tale. Granted the elemental enchantment unique to the tribe and its close allies, those who have become Found may now utilize the In Character guild chat and are granted further access to the guild vault.
The highest rank any non-tribefolk may attain.

Reserved for those who desire a long-term accompaniment with the tribe, yet cannot attain tribal markings. This rank requires a personal interview with the Chieftain.
Highest rank.

Requires a completed Pilgrimage quest. One of the oathsworn shu'halo of the tribe who has chosen their sect and path within the tribe. Each sect of the Thundermoon is detailed in the next segment.



« Code of Conduct Sects of the Thundermoon »