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The Sects of the Thundermoon
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Rain Singer Cloud Walker Storm Runner Dawn Gazer Lunar Herald
The backbone of the tribe, the Rain Singers are the builders, farmers and craft folk of the village. They provide the Thundermoon Shu’halo with food and shelter, ensuring the basic comfort for the entire village. Their green markings resemble vines and flowers. Scholars and diplomats, teachers and spiritualists, the Cloud Walkers seek to expand the collective knowledge of the entire tribe through their studies and teaching. Many Cloud Walkers serve as the Elders of the tribe, seeking to guide the Thundermoon toward spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Their blue markings resemble clouds. No village is invulnerable. The Storm Runners are the Thundermoon guardians, devoting their lives to protecting and securing the borders. When not patrolling the borders or scouting possible threats to the tribe, the Storm Runners often keep themselves busy with hunting or crafting weapons and armor. Their red markings resemble storms. The future of any people is its children. The Dawn Gazers’ tasks include raising and birthing the young, acting as midwives and caretakers for the sick and feeble, and ensuring that the future of the Thundermoon tribe is one of health and strength. Their orange markings resemble the sun. The ivory markings of the Lunar Herald is granted only to the leaders of the Thundermoon. Though no Thundermoon are originally painted in ivory dye, the coloration of the markings manifests itself through a sacred rite of passage, typically guided by the tribal elders in times of need. Their white markings resemble the moon.



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